Kim Kardashian Copes With Divorce By Binge-Watching ‘Sex/Life’

“Bridgerton” who?!?

Yeah, that is soooo 2020 and Kim Kardashian has moved on to her next guilty pleasure, “Sex/Life.”

The show hit Netflix in June and has been the talk of the Internet since. More specifically, episode three at the 19:50 mark is what really has people buzzing.

Kim K is the latest fan to get instantly hooked on the show!

If you aren’t familiar, “Sex/Life” follows Billie, a stay-at-home mom in suburbia, who once lived a wild, sex-filled life before settling down.

The spark in her marriage begins to dwindle, so she takes to her MacBook to journal about all of her past sexcapades with her ex-boyfriend, Brad.

We can’t ruin all of it, but trouble ensues from there!

The show may have inspired Kim to get back in touch with her single, wild side now that she is going through a divorce and will soon be single again.

On Tuesday, July 20, Kim posted a screenshot of a text message thread with her, Khloe Kardashian, Lala Kent and Tracy Romulus.

The SKIMS founder texted, “Khloé watch sex life now.”

Tracy Romulus replied, “Are you watching sex life lol. Kim – Billie and Brad are a couple in real life BTW.”

To which a stunned Kim replied, “Stop!!!!”

Yes, they sure are a real couple IRL.

Kim couldn’t get enough of the show and tagged both Sarah Shahi (Billie) and Adam Demos (Brad) in the post.

She captioned it, “MY NEW FAVE SHOW!!!”

“Sex/Life” is Kim’s new obsession!

Kim Kardashian / Instagram

Kim wasn’t done publicizing her “new fave show,” and in another Instagram Story, she posted a picture of her watching the show.

She captioned this particular shot, “You guys have to watch Sex Life on Netflix! O M G.”


A still image from Netflix' "Sex/Life"
Kim Kardashian / Instagram

I think the Netflix stock just increased by a BILLION!

If you didn’t follow Kim’s “Bridgerton” obsession, it was literally all she could talk about or post about on social media for weeks!

She was fully invested, much like the rest of us, in Daphne Bridgerton and The Duke of Hastings Simon Basset.

However, since season 1 was bingeable in like A DAY and season 2 is currently in production, Kim needed another guilty pleasure to feast her eyes upon.

Unfortunately for Kim and every “Bridgerton” fan, production on season 2 has hit many bumps along the way.

Last week, The Blast reported that production had shut down for an indefinite amount of time.

The shutdown was due to multiple members on set testing positive for Covid-19. It was not revealed if it was a cast member who tested positive, but given the ‘indefinite’ amount of time, one can assume it was a cast member who contracted the virus.

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