Kendall Jenner Wore an Entirely Sheer ‘My Fair Lady’ Inspired Gown to the Met Gala

HELLO HI, the first pics of Kendall Jenner making her way to the 2021 Met Gala carpet just dropped, and she looks incredible in what people are speculating is a gown inspired by Audrey Hepburn in My Fair Lady.

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Like, if Audrey Hepburn in My Fair Lady wore an entirely sheer dress, of course!

kendall jenner


Literally so gorgeous/romantic, I can’t. And speaking of ~romance~ it’s unclear if Kendall will be joined at the Met Gala (or at a Met Gala after-party) by her boyfriend Devin Booker.

Just a quick mini timeline on these two if you aren’t all caught up: they started dating in Spring 2020, and got serious by August—when a source told E! News “it seems they are spending more time together for sure and getting closer.”

Kendall and Devin went Insta official in time for Valentine’s Day 2021, posting these cute pics to their respective Instagram Stories:

devin booker instagram


kendall jenner


In April, a source told E! News that “This is the happiest Kendall has been in a relationship. It’s getting more and more serious and she is very happy…. They are really similar and love just being low-key and staying in and laughing together.”

Oh, and also a few months back a source told Us Weekly that Kendall and Devin are low-key living together, saying, “He’s practically moved in with her. They really respect each other’s careers and give each other space to focus on her modeling or his basketball career. That’s probably what makes their relationship work so well is that they have that work-life balance.”

Cuuuuute! Kay back to Met Gala pics, bye.

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