Kanye West Urinating On His Grammy Award Sparks Major Mental Health Concerns

“Im certain this guy has the resources to seek mental help its sad. Somebody get this man some help,” a tweets read.
Another added, “Kanye please seek medical attention. I’m worried about you.”
Interestingly, many fans of the rapper pointed out they believe he is having some sort of mental breakdown. It should be noted, his own wife Kim Kardashian said the rapper is suffering from bipolar disorder and may be in a manic state.
“Obviously hes having a Mental breakdown,” a person tweeted in reaction to the peeing video.
As we reported, Kanye is currently living most of the time in Wyoming, while Kim is in Los Angeles with the kids. It’s unclear the current status of their marriage.
Bottom line, many think peeing on his Grammy — on video — was taking it too far. “Disgraceful behavior from a disgrace. We will never forgive you,” a fan posted.

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