JSYK, Winter Is No Match for These Ultra-Cozy Thermal Socks


Remember when you were a kid and you’d open a pair of socks from your parents and be like, “Ugh, srsly, more socks??” Yeah, that’s probs not the case anymore. With adulthood comes the realization that a pair of super-cozy socks is actually one of the best presents you can receive, especially when the temps outside start to drop. Whether you spend your winters skiing, skating, hiking, or hibernating, the best thermal socks are sure to make those chilly months a bit more bearable, ’cause I don’t know about you, but losing a toe to frostbite is not my idea of a good time.

Even if you invest in the coziest winter jacket out there, you won’t last five minutes in the snow without a good pair of socks (and I can guarantee that no one wants to listen to you whine about your chilly lil toes). Merino wool and acrylic socks are your best bets for keeping warm and comfy (but not gross and sweaty), and believe me when I say that not all socks are created equal. Yes, a pair of awesome thermal socks can be a bit pricy, but they’re an investment worth making—especially if you get someone to buy ’em for you. If you like your slippers more than you like most people, then you’ll wanna add these top-rated thermal socks to your shopping list ASAP. Your feet will thank you for them, promise.

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Best Overall Thermal Socks

Hiker Boot Midweight Hiking Sock

Made in Vermont, these moisture-wicking socks feature plenty of cushion, seamless toes, and are made of ultra-cozy merino wool. The best part: Darn Tough socks have a lifetime guarantee, so they’ll legit last forever. 

Glowing Review: “Best hiking socks I have ever used and now the only one I will use. Amazed!”


Best Thermal Socks for Warmth

Women’s Original Socks

Made from a heavy bulk yarn with extreme thermal qualities, these crew-length acrylic socks trap warm air close to the skin to keep your lil piggies warmer for longer. No cold feet here!!

Glowing Review: The most comfortable and warmest socks I have ever had. They feel like pillows on your feet!!” 


Best Thermal Socks for Durability

Heavy Expedition Boot Socks

With their heavyweight full-foot cushioning, these merino wool socks will make you feel like you’re walking on a cloud—while also keeping your feet from sweatin’ up a storm. 

Glowing Review: Finally, after looking for the perfect heavy wool sock, this is it!! Three years ago I got my first pair and they are still in excellent condition.”


Best Thermal Socks for Comfort

Bean Boot Socks

For extra-thick cushioning, go with these extra-soft merino lambswool socks, which wrap your feet in warmth while also wicking away moisture.

Glowing Review: “If you want to find the softest and warmest socks on the market, these are the ones you need. Don’t bother with any other brand.”


Best Thermal Socks for Value

Extremes Cold Weather Boot Sock

If you just can’t justify spending more than $10 on a pair of socks, then you should probs go with these wool-blend boot socks, which keep feet warm, cushioned, and dry, thanks to their genius mesh vents.

Glowing Review: “I’ve tried a few different brands of socks that people swore kept their feet warm but they did nothing for me. These are the best socks I’ve found to keep my feet warm.” 


Best Over-the-Calf Thermal Socks

Merino Ski+ Medium Over the Calf Socks

If you like a lil more coverage without too much compression, then you’ll wanna get these stretchy merino wood ski socks, which are durable, breathable, and come with a lifetime guarantee (!!). 

Glowing Review: You will never buy a better sock. Think of the outlay as an investment in the thing that takes you from ‘almost made it’ to ‘let’s do that again!'”


Best Thermal Socks for Hiking

Hike Medium Crew Sock

Comfortable, cushiony, and sweat-wicking, these merino wool socks will keep your feet from chafing or getting chilly even on super-long winter hikes. 

Glowing Review: Need a midweight hiking sock? You’ve found it. I’ve owned pairs for years (still have some going on 10 years) and will continue to purchase this sock for years to come.”


Best Thermal Socks for Ventilation

Damascus Merino Wool Socks

Attention, ppl with sweaty feet: These merino wool crew socks boast a ventilation channel that’ll keep your feet from overheating, and it’s a game-changer. Plus, Farm to Feet offers a lifetime guarantee. 

Glowing Review: These socks are the most comfortable I’ve tried. I’ve worn expensive wool socks for years but these are far superior in comfort. I believe the high wool content and targeted cushioning are a major plus.”


Best Thermal Socks for Extreme Weather

Thor-Lo Extreme Cold Thick Cushion OTC Socks

Crafted with worsted wool and acrylic, these sockies provide maximum cushioning and moisture control, so they’re a must for all your winter activities. 

Glowing Review: These socks are the best I have ever owned. I’m not exaggerating. They are incredibly comfortable and fit my feet like they were custom made for me.”


Best Thermal Socks for Arch Support

Merino Wool Calf Socks

With their Honeycomb Support System, these merino wool socks cradle the arch of your foot while also providing a cushioned bed for your soles. And these are a purchase you can feel good about, since Bombas donates one pair of socks for each pair sold.

Glowing Review: My feet can’t think me enough for surrounding them in heavenly wool comfort from Bombas.”

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