Jake Paul BLASTS Conor McGregor With A Low Blow Calling His Wife Ugly!

As you can imagine, many are blown away Jake would go that far and although it is a genius marketing ploy, attacking someone’s wife is out of bounds!
Jake Paul included an offer of $50 Million as a purse for the fight and posted pictures of the actual contract on Instagram. It’s not a crazy thought considering his brother’s upcoming fight with Floyd Mayweather!
“Do u wanna die?” one person asked, adding “Bro jake chill .” Another added, “Bro just pipe down he will put ur head threw hell trust me.”
The bigger problem, a few messages came through like this, “U DONT KNOW WHAT’S COMING JAKE PAUL ,” and “Damn Conor bout to hop on that private jet with his goons and come to LA to break your bus!”
So Was It Too Far?!

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