Here’s What to Get a Therapist for the Holidays This Year


After helping people (read: me) work through their problems, fears, and insecurities every day, therapists deserve the world. Of course, that’s not always feasible—which is why lots and lots of gifts are the next best thing. So, in addition to holding space for therapist friends and loved ones to open up about their own emotions and struggles (after all, they’re human, too!), we should def be spoiling them with presents. I’m talking straight-up lavishing them with gifts that can help them relax, focus on something fun, or make the day-to-day a little bit brighter. They’re worth it, folks.

Whether you want to give your own therapist a thank-you gift for helping you gain some life-changing insight or have a therapist friend who could use a pick-me-up, the gift ideas I’ve managed to unearth from the depths of the internet are all so good. Treat someone to a little bit of alone time with a pair of luxe headphones! Fill a therapist friend’s house with the best scents via a chic diffuser! You can even opt for a lil decor gift that simply brings a smile to their face and looks great on their desk at work, too. The possibilities are pretty darn endless, so there’s no excuse to not pamper every single therapist in your life this holiday season.

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This Chic Diffuser

Stone Diffuser

Equal parts form and function, this diffuser is a can’t-miss (and super relaxing) gift.


A Pair of Headphones

Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones

For when they just want to tune out the world and tune in to their favorite podcast.


This Wiggly Mirror

Decor Vanity Mirror

Sometimes a fun gift is simply the way to go. This cool mirror is definitely a statement piece (in mini form).


A Blob Candle

Goober Candle

Whether they want to add a lil personality to their desk or keep this on their nightstand, your fave therapist deserves this cute blob of a candle.


This Floor Pillow

Teal Cotton Velvet Floor Pillow

Would I be more likely to open up if my therapist had this cozy floor pillow in their office? For sure.


A Custom Journal

Colour Combo Notebook

A cute notebook for all their notetaking needs.


This Cool Puzzle

Paradise Found

Sometimes, all we really need is a glass of wine and a huge 1,000-piece puzzle to work on all night.


This Dryer Ball Set

Dryer Ball + Essential Oil Set

Forget classic dryer sheets! Pair these dryer balls and essential oils for clothes that’ll smell fresh alllll day. It’s an aromatherapeutic gift that the therapist in your life will l-o-v-e.


An At-Home Spa Moment

Hemp Extract Spa Treatment Set

FYI, Oprah (!) loves these treatments made for your feet, hands, knees—anywhere that needs a little extra love.


This Smart Mug

Temperature Control Smart Mug

This super cool mug keeps coffee, tea, or any other hot drink nice and steamy—no matter how long it’s been sitting on the desk.


A Luxe Wireless Charger

Catch:2 Wireless Charger Station

Why deal with dozens of random charging cords when this sleek, minimalist wireless charging station exists?


This Record Player

Crosley Discovery Turntable

Sure, listening to CDs and streaming music is great—but it’s nothing like the feeling of jamming out to some vinyl. 


A Mini Massager

Mini Massage Gun

After a stressful day, this mini massager can take the place of a professional masseuse. 


This Face Scrub

Minimo Flawless Charcoal Facial Scrub

For some reason, it’s way easier to relax when you have a face mask slathered all over your skin. Bonus: This one has activated bamboo charcoal.


Some Aesthetic Art

Weimar Shapes No1 Poster

Your fave therapist can hang this cool print up in their office, living room, bathroom—honestly wherever. It’s so versatile!


A Fancy Chess Set

Acrylic Chess Set

Even if someone doesn’t play chess, there’s no denying that this gorg set would look stunning in any home or office.


These Face Masks

Khaki Face Masks

If they’re meeting clients in an office (or just running errands, tbh) and want to be extra safe, these face masks are super comfy and look v cool.


A Bath Caddy

Aquala Bathtub Caddy

Level up anyone’s bath game with this cute (and useful!) bathtub caddy. Perfect for holding books, candles, or even a glass of wine.


These Lil Catchalls

Resin Amethyst Crystal & Gold Leaf Filled Hands

These resin and gold leaf hands are great for desk decor or holding bits and bobbles that tend to get lost.


A Bougie Candle

Feu de Bois Wood Fire Candle

Spoil any therapist with a super fancy candle that happens to also look majorly chic. This one smells like walking through the woods on a winter day!

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