Here’s Everything We Know About ‘Tiger King’ Coming Back for Season 3

One season of Tiger King was already WAY more than anyone could have asked for, but you know what? Netflix went ahead and made a second season anyway. And TBH I couldn’t be more grateful. Did anyone NEED more Joe Exotic in their life? Probably not! But was it the best thing to happen this year? Hell yes it was! And now that season 2 is already upon us, there’s only one question that needs to be answered: are we going to be getting a third season of Tiger King?

Here’s everything we know about Tiger King season 3.

Has Tiger King been renewed for a third season?

As far as official confirmations go for a season 3, there hasn’t been one yet from Netflix. Yes, the first season of Tiger King was wildly successful (it was streamed for more than 5.3 billion minutes in its first week alone) but it wouldn’t be surprising if the streaming giant waited to see how season 2 pans out before committing to more episodes, especially since we’re not all stuck in our homes anymore with literally nothing else to do besides binge watch a bizarre series about some extremely sus big cat rescuers.

What will season three even be about?

There’s also the question of what a third season of the show would even follow. As of now, Joe is still in jail after his many attempts to get former President Trump to pardon him didn’t, er, pan out. So, there’s not a whole lot going on with him. Of course, there’s still the overarching mystery of what in the world happened to Don Lewis, which they do get into more in season 2 with some shocking new revelations, but there’s still no official answer. And with Carole Baskin not being too happy with how she was portrayed in the first season, she wanted absolutely nothing to do with Tiger King the second time around (in fact, she even sued Netflix earlier this month for using old footage of her in the trailer for season 2) so we’re not going to get to hear anything else from her perspective now or probably ever again in Tiger King‘s future.

But don’t get me wrong here, the world of big cat rescues (or rather, “rescues”) is totally bonkers and completely fascinating, and if they wanted to, Netflix could easily pull together a third season based on that aspect alone. Jeff Lowe and his wife Lauren have plenty going on. As a matter of fact, they even told TMZ recently that they’re planning on filing lawsuits against Carole Baskin, PETA, and other people they think were involved in having their big cat park raided and their animals confiscated. And to make things even wilder, they’re recruiting Joe’s lawyers to help them. Idk about you, but I’d watch a season about that.

When will we find out if Tiger King is coming back?

Now, it took a year and a half after season 1 aired for Netflix to announce a second season, so even if a third one is on the way, we could be waiting a VERY long time before we can be sure we’ll get to see it.

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