Free Erotica: 13 sexy stories you can read online for free

Finding free erotica to enjoy has never been easier. Erotica is one of the most popular literary genres, offering a wide range of stories to suit every interest and desire. 

The free erotica hall of fame

Here are thirteen of our favorite erotic stories. The best part? All of these erotic stories can be read for free online.

Many of these stories include BDSM elements as well as intense scenes and language. Use your discretion, and be sure to read the “content notes” for each story so you can gauge your comfort level and know what to expect.

1. Three Girls and an Apology by Krissy Kneen

This short, but substantial erotic story about a group of girls who find the perfect man to join their fun is sure to get your juices flowing. 

2. Tender Sweet Young Thing by Xan West

Titillating, queer, and indulgent in taboo, this free erotic story features a range of BDSM and power exchange acts to indulge your kinkier side. 

3. Slutbot Quickies

Slutbot is best known as an erotic sexting chatbot, but it also offers customizable long and short-form free erotica. These short stories are quick and hot. Our favorite to date involves a sexy romp with Black Panther’s bad boy “Killmonger.” Below, you can read an excerpt. To read the full story and play your way through many more, text “celebsex” to (415) 650-0395. That’s Slutbot’s cell number — feel free to share it!

“You like it when Erik goes undercover. You wanted to be in on this heist, but the last one left you injured, so you had to drive the getaway van. You know he’ll be fine. He didn’t earn the name “Killmonger” for nothing. But you still don’t like waiting. 

The museum alarm sounds and Erik tears from the loading dock with an artifact in his hand. He leaps into the van and you gun it. Exhilarating.

You park at the safe house. “Come back here,” he purrs, “I want to show you what I got…”

4. Jack’s Righteous Rig by Burnt Redstone 

If you like epic stories featuring not-quite-human protagonists, this seven-part story is for you. While you’re there, be sure to browse Literotica’s other offerings. It’s the grand-daddy website for free erotica stories, so there’s plenty to explore when you’re done with “Jack’s Righteous Rig.”

5. Male Sorting by Hairy Jacques

If your tastes skew towards guy-on-guy action, this short and dirty ditty will be right up your alley. 

6. You Are Now Connected by Lauren Emily 

This charming and sexy threesome story includes strap-ons and a video chat element — an aspect many readers may find relatable.

7) Summer Fruits by Olympus Lore

An Archive Of Our Own (or “AO3” as the site is known to its most devoted readers and writers) is the best place to find free erotic stories featuring familiar characters from popular fandoms and franchises. From TV shows and classic literature to anime and Broadway musicals, there are more than six million works to enjoy on this platform. “Summer Fruits” is a modern retelling of Greek myths that features orgies, romance, anal play, and more.

8) Trembling Thighs by Canadian Sweets

This short erotic story cuts right to the chase, but likely to leave you trembling with pleasure by the end. This is only Part 1, though, so you’ll have to stay tuned to see where the storyline goes.

9) The Night Crossing by Erika Lynne Fitzpatrick

If travel turns your crank, you’ll enjoy this sweet, sapphic story. Starring a hot couple and a foreign voyeur, this fantasy set in a far-flung locale will get you moving. 

10. Mistress Tami and Her Sissy by six sixtytwo

If you like authoritarian stories that play with taboo, this one is for you. It explores femdom, sissification, and corporal punishment, so needless to say, this free erotic story doesn’t hold back.

11 Mindless Self Indulgence by Jukebox 

If excellent prose is important to you, the works of Jukebox will hit the spot.

12. Apple Pie by T’Sade

This free erotic story is short, but sure to tickle your sweet tooth. T’Sade is known for stories that lean towards the extreme, though, so keep that in mind when you explore other stories on their website. 

13. Smoke Signals by Sprite

A sweet and sexy free erotica story starring a trans woman. And yes, the title comes from the Phoebe Bridgers song! “Smoke Signals” reads like a romance and feels like a true story about people exploring together. 

The best places to discover new free erotica

Curious where to find the hot, high quality free erotica? Literotica is often suggested as the best place to start your search, but there are plenty of other platforms to check out for new content.

1. An Archive of Our Own is a great place if you have existing fandoms you want to dig deeper into. AO3 offers a range of erotica from sweet and chaste to down and dirty. Search by existing property, like Sherlock Holmes or the Marvel universe. Or you can browse broad categories, tags, and collections from the website’s index page.

2. Lush Stories allows you to sort and view stories that have been deemed “Editor’s Choice” or “Reader Favorites,” so you don’t have to waste any time looking for sharp writing and enticing scenarios. The good stuff always rises to the top.

3. Bellesa features free text-based erotica, audio erotica, and sex education articles. The stories are curated, as opposed to user-submitted. And that’s a very good thing, because it ensures quality across the board.   

4. If erotic mind control is a turn-on for you, MCStories is the free erotica website for you. With thousands of stories that explore this theme in different ways, you’ll be sure to find something to dazzle you here. 

***HL STOPPED HERE, go through and make all links open in new tab, circle back to both slutbot blurbs.

5. Slutbot’s unique interactivity makes it a terrific choice for free erotica. Stories range from sex tips to chats to complete stories. Each week slutbot delivers a new experience directly to your cell phone, offering the opportunity for spontaneous titillation.

Free erotica vs. free porn

Whether you’re hunting for erotica and porn, you will likely be able to find something you like in any medium. Text-based erotic stories, however, allow the reader the opportunity to move at their own pace. Erotic stories also let readers imagine their ideal protagonists, rather than be force-fed a director’s ideal. While it’s possible to be distracted by poor grammar, many readers find it easy to ignore the occasional awkward syntax so long as the story is sufficiently hot. Plus, the ethics of consuming free erotica are often better than free porn. Most writers who publish erotic stories online have placed them there for free intentionally, whereas many porn creators have not consented to their work being posted on streaming sites for free. Take your time as you venture into the vast world of free erotica. When you find an author you particularly like, you may want to read more of their offerings. Find out whether that author has their own website, then consider becoming a subscriber. 

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