Erika Jayne’s Estranged Husband’s Shocking Condition Revealed In New Documents

The new documents were filed in L.A. County Superior Court by Tom Girardi’s court-appointed attorney, who submitted a report on his interactions with Girardi, as well as his feelings on whether Robert Girardi should become the conservator over his brother.

According to the report, the attorney stated that:

“Mr. Girardi could not fully comprehend the nature of the proceedings.”

He added that although Girardi could not understand exactly why he was being placed under a conservatorship, he had no objections to his brother “taking care of him and managing his finances.”

The attorney also noted that Girardi only answered in simple words, basically just saying “yes” to the questions he was asked about his brother taking over.

“I was of the professional opinion that he could not fully understand, comprehend nor
appreciate the nature of the [court-appointed attorney] disclosures albeit he had no objection to Robert becoming his conservator,” the attorney wrote.

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