Emmy Predictions 2020: Here’s Who a Celebrity Psychic Sees Winning Big – E! Online

They say patience is a virtue. Whoeverthey are. But, well, if you’re anything like us,waiting just might not be your thing.

Since the Emmy nominations were announced in July, we’ve been anxiously sitting here, twiddling our thumbs,wonderingif Zendayawill nab her very first trophy orif Watchmen really will sweep. And yes, while we’re so close to tonight’saward show, it still feels out of reach.

So, rather than continuing to wait it out, we turned to an expert:Mystic and tarot card reader to the stars Angie Banicki, whose clients include Gwyneth Paltrow, Lea Michele, Emma Robertsand pretty much any celeb with a curious mind.

Thoughlittle is knownabouthow the virtual show willactually go down, Angie predicts it won’t be the total disaster many are bracing for.”It’s not going to be perfect,” sheadmits, “butthere isa strong foundation.The card I pulled says, ‘Cut a vital connection,’ which makes me think there is going to be some connection loss there. But overall, I get a really positive read.”

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