Ellen DeGeneres Gets MAJOR Support From Kids Cancer Foundation ‘FAM’ — She’s A ‘Blessing’

Not only is ‘FAM’ defending Ellen, but it’s also founder addressed ‘Cancel Culture’ in general, saying, “All that being said, when you dig for your dirt on Ellen, make sure to bring your shovel to the ’90s and really comprehend what being “canceled” meant. It was not a hashtag or a meme, it was her life. She was the outcast. She was bullied. People turned their backs on her forever. But, twenty-two years later she is still here, giving a stage for so many people to right their wrongs and being a lighthouse to millions of people who might have never reached the shore without her. We are not A list celebs to the world, but in the world of Ellen, our kids are stars! If anyone ever needs a reminder on the impact of the Ellen Show just remember that we are only eleven “outcasts” out of the seventeen years, and they did right by us.”

Milk Tyson concluded with this, “I will close with this final thought. Whether you believe it or not, even the “successful people” are the same little confused kids trying to make sense of a confusing adult world, like most people on this planet. And, just because you see someone smiling all the time does not mean they feel like smiling all the time. Do you?”

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