Drake’s New Girlfriend Flaunts Insane Physique On NBA Draft Day

Rapper Drake’s new girlfriend, Johanna Leia, is melting down the internet after sharing photos of herself during the NBA draft in a heartstopping outfit!

The model took to Instagram to share the mind-blowing look which she says was specifically put together for the special basketball day. In the photos, Leia is decked out in skintight biker shorts and a bright orange t-shirt. It appears the IG model is posted up at some sort of draft day event.

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As we’ve reported, Leia was recently linked to the ‘Hotline Bling’ rapper after the two were spotted on a spectacular date night at Dodger stadium. Johanna has all the reason to be pumped up for the draft after it was revealed she is the mother of one of the best high school basketball players on the planet, Amari Bailey.

“Drafting,” Leia captioned the breathtaking photo. As you can imagine, a ton of followers jumped into the comment section to give their two cents. “I finally understand why people call DRAKE the GOAT,” a fan wrote. Another added, “Body -out of this world.” Many of Leia’s followers are tagging the famous rapper…just to make sure he sees the stunning post!

Drake reportedly rented out the entire Dodgers stadium for a recent date with the IG model. As we reported, photos surfaced on Twitter after a local news reporter spotted the couple dining outside of the third-base dugout — all by themselves! In the photos, it appears Drake went all out including a private bartender, catered meal, and a ton of baseball swag.

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Drake's New Girlfriend Flaunts Insane Physique On NBA Draft Day

As for the draft, Johanna’s son plays on the same basketball team as Lebron James’ son Bronny. The word is that Drake might have met Leia at one of the kids’ games while sitting courtside with the ‘Los Angeles Lakers’ star. According to one report, Drake is already close with the family and is offering advice to the young player about fame and his possible massive upcoming payday.

“Player of the Year. You didn’t leave a ball unturned. You put a team on your back no matter the climate and made it look like magic. I’m amazed play, by play, by your work and drive. (love) your FOREVER REBOUNDER,” his mom recently wrote on IG.

This isn’t the first time Leia has melted down the internet — she is currently a Fashion Nova partner and regularly shares pictures in sexy outfits. Earlier this week, she posted a set of pictures of herself in skintight jeans that left little to the imagination!

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