Dr. Dre’s Wife Demands A Shocking $2 MILLION A Month In Spousal Support!

According to the documents, Dr. Dre’s wife has requested, an “order for pendente lite spousal support, in the guideline amount of $1,936,399 per month, retroactive to September 1, 2020.

For those who aren’t lawyers, pendente lite is a temporary amount paid to one side while the case is still pending. Obviously, when this is all over the amount may change based on a settlement or a judge’s permanent order.

But, that’s not all, Nicole is also asking a judge to order Dre to pay a stunning $5 million in fees for “attorney’s and professionals” working with her on the divorce.

It should be noted, Dr. Dre is a billionaire, but these are some of the largest numbers that we have seen in any celebrity divorce.

We’re told he believes it amounts to one simple thing, greed.

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