Dolly Parton Recreates 1978 Playboy Cover Look For Husband

Dolly Parton is a sensational and popular singer, songwriter, and actress, who has managed to be afloat the new trends in the entertainment industry. For several decades, the 75-year-old has gone from a small town singer, to one of the greatest living artists in the world.

Parton’s journey into the music industry, was no walk in the park, but the one constant she had for many years, was the presence of her husband, Carl Thomas Dean in her life.

Recently, Dean celebrated his 79th year birthday, and received love from fans and well wishers around the globe. However, one special birthday gift that the businessman  received, caused a ruckus between fans online.

A Birthday To Remember

Dean’s birthday took a whole new turn when Parton reanimated a legendary 1978 PlayBoy Cover look as a special present for her husband, Dean. The superstar, who took to her Instagram page in the early hours of Wednesday, shared the look in a short video, in honor of her husband.

The chic and beautiful look included a black strapless bustier styled with long black gloves and bunny ears. In the video, the country singer revealed that for anyone wondering why she was recreating the iconic, it was for her husband, who always loved the magazine, even now that it is no more.

The caption of the video also read; “It’s always #HotGirlSummer for my husband, Carl.”

Dolly Parton’s Time On PlayBoy Magazine

Gramm Award winner, Parton, first appeared on the cover of PlayBoy Magazine in 1978 at age 32, and was credited with being the first country singer to do so without elements of nudity.

In 2020, she revealed to “60 Minutes Australia,” that she has every intention of appearing on the issue again, even if all she had to do was recreate a moment from the past. She went on to say that although she was only 74, she had no plans for retirement.

One of her biggest fans when she appeared on the magazine’s cover, was Dean, and it was only right that she chose his birthday week to show off the iconic outfit.

A Beautiful Love Story

Like many stars in the entertainment industry, Parton wears many hats. When she’s not in the studio recording a fire song, she is signing a deal with a movie producer, or attending an important event. In the entertainment world, there is almost no time for family and friends.

However, the singer dispenses her time between family and work evenly. The “Coat of Many Colors” singer does not have children of her own with her husband, however, she considers her nieces and nephews her kids.

Parton and Dean have been through a lot together, and despite everything, they always stuck beside one another no matter what. One time, during an interview, the singer joked that she was “sick” of her husband after being married to him for over five decades.

How Did It All Begin?

Parton and Dean share one of the longest celebrity relationships in country music. In 2020, they celebrated their 54th wedding anniversary, and this brought back nostalgic moments for the couple. Also, fans wanted to know where it all began.


Per “Celebrity Insider,” the couple first got acquainted in a Nashville Tennessee laundromat, and at the time, Parton was 18 years old. They started dating almost immediately, and while she tried to push her music career forward, he was the driving force behind her that always showed her support.

For most of their marriage, Dean has always stayed out of the spotlight, but he wanted the love of his life to get everything she wanted from her career. After dating under the radar for a while, and her record label telling her that marriage would hurt her career, the lovers finally walked down the aisle on 1966.

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