Date Night Just Got Hotter—13 Sexy Board Games That’ll Get You and Your Partner in the Mood

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Here’s a thought: Stop playing mind games with your partner and start playing sexy board games instead. (Yes, those are a thing and you should definitely incorporate them into your sex life.) If you didn’t know this category of entertainment existed—surprise! Not all board games lead to good, wholesome fun. In fact, there’s an entire category of old-school-style games designed to get to start naughty conversations, set the mood, and initiate some foreplay with your partner. The more you know, right?!

If you and your partner want to add some spice to your relationship and/or switch up your everyday routine, a set of frisky dice (more on that below) or a Kinky Confessions Truth or Dare Card (again, see below) might be exactly what the doctor ordered. Sexy board games add some ~flavor~ to your relationship or hook up, and they’re just really freaking entertaining. Like, we’re talking laugh out loud funny. Plus most of the board games on this list lead to bedroom games, which lead to—you guessed it!—mind-blowing sex.

So whether you’re looking for a cute and creative way to turn on your partner, want to get to know someone on a more intimate level, or just need to switch up your date night activities, here are 13 sexy board games and X-rated card decks that’ll do the trick.

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best sexy board game for date night

Affection – A Couples Game

Single (or single-ish) people: Don’t let the name scare you off—this game is great for situationship-ers as well because it builds intimacy without being overtly sexual. The cards feature get-t0-know-you prompts, including, “What’s a good way to cheer you up on a bad day?” and “What would you like to try to do more often in bed?” Cute, right? 


best sexy board game for couples

Monogamy Adult Couples Board Game

Yes, there’s a PG-13 (er, maybe R-rated) version of Monopoly. Here’s the gist of it: Roll the dice and let the game board decide your actions. Some squares will prompt you to pick up a “monogamy card”—these have questions or tasks that’ll help you get to know your partner on a more intimate level. 


best strip poker alternative

Let’s Get Naked Card Game

Just like the classic card game War—but with a naked twist. This one can be played with two to six people, and (of course!) instructs the loser of every round to remove an article of clothing. “I’d recommend dressing in layers,” one reviewer joked. 


best sexy board game to play with friends

Midnight Taboo Game

While it’s not super sexual, this card game is definitely inappropriate enough to be funny. “I hate board games, but this is hilarious AF,” one reviewer wrote. Keep it on hand for an afterparty or a wine night with friends. 


best board game for oral sex

Delicious Encounters Oral Sex Card Game

Our girl Kandi Burruss (of Real Housewives fame) created this card game, which offers 50 ideas for oral sex and foreplay…and suddenly I love her even more. Each one even has a lil illustration to get the point across!


best sexy take on a classic board game

Love Battle Ship

Another sexy take on a classic board game. And—good news for those of us who hate reading instructions!—the rules are the same, only this version of Battleship has 5o playful foreplay ideas. Spoiler alert: You might even want to do the deed before your ships have sunk. 


best LGBTQ+ friendly sexy board game

Lesbian Sex Position Cards

With 45 Sexual Position Cards, five Group Sex Cards, three Rule Cards, and one Unleash Your Fantasy Card, this game has 100,000 (yes, you read that right) possible outcomes for lesbian couples. Say goodbye to your date-night rut! 


best two-in-one sexy board game

Massage Seductions Game

If you’re constantly begging your partner to give you a massage (hi, same), add this sexy board game to your cart. It comes with a warming, heart-shaped massager, a candle that melts into massage lotion, and 24 cards that’ll teach ya the art of seduction.  


best choose your own adventure board game

Let’s Fool Around Card Game

Simply take turns drawing cards and performing the kinky actions (written on said cards) on each other. That’s literally it…which we love because it allows you and your partner to get creative. 


best group-friendly sexy board game

Oh! Kinky Confessions Truth or Dare Card Game

Another cutie game of truth or dare, this one features a deck of bright pink cards covered in tiny white, blue, and purple hearts. I’m obsessed! 


best sexy truth or dare

Kinky Truth or Dare

Umm, why is this racy version of truth or dare SO aesthetically pleasing? From the cylinder box to the black and red color scheme, this sexy board game is by far the prettiest one on the list. 


best sexy spin on jenga

O-ing Tower

Have you ever not had fun playing Jenga? I mean, putting the sturdiness of that tower to the test is a THRILL.  This version has raunchy challenges and foreplay prompts written on every wooden block. 


best sexy board game for quick fun

Spicy Dice

Not much to say here….I think you get the point. Oh actually, here’s one thing worth noting: Every fourth turn, the instructions say to roll all three dice at the same time to create a lil combo action. A foreplay cocktail, if you will! 

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