Conor McGregor’s Brutal Leg Surgery Recovery — Cocktails By The Pool!!

Conor McGregor uses a good old-fashioned form of pain killer after the MMA fighter was snapped hanging by the pool enjoying a few cocktails while recovering from leg surgery!

The notorious MMA star shared the relaxing photos on Instagram where he appears to be loving the recovery poolside in Beverly Hills. In the photos, Conor is rocking a huge smile while sipping on a bright red cocktail. The pictures show McGregor’s leg tightly wrapped up, after having surgeons in Los Angeles reset his brutally broken leg and fix the surrounding area.

It appears the fighter will be staying near his doctor’s office here in L.A. — and that includes the beautiful sunshine and stunning poolside at the Beverly Hills Hotel. 


If you look closely, it appears McGregor’s injury is very serious, as the leg is wrapped up from the knee all the way down to the foot. As we reported, Conor requires a plate and several screws to fix his leg after breaking it in the second round of his fight with Dustin Poirier at UFC 264.

According to UFC honcho, Dana White, the surgery took over 3.5 hours to complete and the recovery process could take over a year. But, McGregor doesn’t seem too upset by the situation and included a video of himself poolside getting his fade touched up by a personal barber.

Conor McGregor Enjoys Cocktails By The Pool While Recovering From Leg Surgery

Bottom line, breaking your leg is an extremely painful and horrible thing, but if you are going to have surgery like this one — sitting by a Beverly Hills pool enjoying a cocktail sounds like the perfect recovery!

As you can imagine, fans flooded Conor’s social media account, saying things like, “You got this champ 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥.” Another added, “Keep going champ!”

Conor appears to be enjoying his GIANT purse from the UFC fight, and recently showed off his brand new Lamborghini yacht. The MMA fight dropped a massive $4 million on the monster boat which is dubbed the “Supercar of the Sea.”

“My Lamborghini yacht is ready,” Conor captioned a picture of the lime green boat. The 24-ton boat is 63 feet long, and can reach up to 60 knots, and has 4,000 horsepower. Unfortunately, McGregor will be on crutches for the next 6 weeks, so we are guessing he won’t be doing much yachting.

Keep in mind, Conor is the high-paid athlete of 2020, raking in a stunning $180 million. The fighter pulls in huge cash from the UFC but makes a lion’s share of the money from this booze company. In other words, $4 million on a boat isn’t going to make a dent in his fortune.

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