Cardi B Claps Back At Haters Counting Her Coins

Cardi B isn’t taking any crap from haters who insist on commenting on her spending habits. “Every other day new wig new hair, come take me out this Mugler…… a couple of weeks ago,” wrote the rapper on Instagram alongside photo of herself with more bags than many people would be able to handle. The currently very pregnant rapper celebrated all the hard work put into her obtaining these gorgeous, designer bags. Unfortunately, some so-called fans felt the need to put a damper on her post. They trashed the “WAP” rapper for overindulging.

Cardi Snapped Quickly


The rapper was furious to see her name being trashed in the comment section of her own posts and blog posts. “You never see Oprah, Melinda Gates, or Mark Zuckerberg’s wife doing this, and they’re BILLIONaires… but carry on…” wrote a follower, clearly disappointed to see Cardi with so many bags. The “Wild Side” rapper certainly was not going to let it go on any further. “Girl Oprah take[s] trips that cost ten of these bags…. Don’t compare me to white billionaires’ wife’s [sic] when their husbands are taking billion-dollar trips to space just to be able to say they are the first ones who did it,” she said referencing Amazon founder Jeff Bezos recent trip to space.

Don’t Come For Cardi

Cardi B

Cardi didn’t stop there, “billionaires that can end world hunger and are using their money to make diseases and vaccines to f**k up the populations.” Yikes, the soon-to-be mom of two isn’t able to stomach anymore, there is just simply no room. The bags that caused the small tiff are the infamous Birkin bag. The Rapper was surrounded in her pictures with too many to count and she rounded her pictures out with a gorgeous leather dress in burgundy. It accentuated her baby bump and made fans believe that being pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t pose in a sexy dress.

In Other News

normani performing

The rapper, at this point can’t get any bad press she has so much good going on around her. She recently dropped the super sexy visuals to the song “Wild Side” that singer Normani asked her to feature on. The video already has over 16 million views on YouTube and growing rapidly. Not only are the visuals sexy and shocking, but the lyrics also had fans asking the rapper how she was able to suck what through a what? The former reality star also surprised fans when she showed off a very pregnant belly during a performance with her husband and his group Migos. So yes, it’s safe to say that the very successful performer has too much to be excited about.

Cardi Is Never One To Tolerate Criticism

Cardi B

Besides criticism on how she spends her money happens too often for her to take offense all the time. Just last week Cardi gifted her daughter Kulture, 3 a $150,000 necklace for her birthday. She coupled that extravagant gift with a party that featured Disney princesses, a horse and carriage, and plenty of other things that not many people have at a 3-year-olds birthday party. “I just hope they are investing the same amount on her education,” wrote a follower. Another admitted that Kulture was wearing her “whole tuition” around her neck. Once again, the rapper was unbothered.

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