‘Call Her Daddy’s’ Alex Cooper Has New Podcast In The Works

Alex Cooper who rose to fame for her podcast, “Call Her Daddy,” formerly owned by Barstool Sports is ready to take her podcast to a whole new level!

The podcast host inked a SWEET three-year deal with Spotify for $60 million back in June, which was first reported by The Wall Street Journal.

As of today, July 21, Cooper’s hit podcast will be available ONLY on Spotify.

According to WSJ, her Spotify deal means that fans of her podcast, who affectionately call themselves the “Daddy Gang,” will be getting more episodes of it. Cooper says there will be 48 main episodes of Call Her Daddy a year, plus 26 bimonthly mini-episodes, though Spotify says exact numbers are still in development. She hopes for in-person live events too.

However, this massive success didn’t happen overnight and it didn’t come without some MAJOR drama.

The podcast was formerly hosted by Cooper and her then-co-host, Sofia Franklyn. However, after they tried to renegotiate contracts with Barstool’s founder, Dave Portnoy, things came crashing down for both women.

Sofia ultimately left the podcast and company, and Cooper stayed.

There was an intense falling out, a lot of “she said, she said” back-and-forth and a broken Daddy Gang.

Despite all of the drama and fall-out, both Cooper and Franklyn have gone on to create and reinvent themselves and their individual podcasts.

From Friends To Foes!


In a new interview with WSJ, the 26-year-old opened up about the success of ‘CHD’ and where she plans to take her career from here.

During a recent trip to NYC, Cooper was having dinner at celebrity hotspot, Catch. A woman approached her and revealed that her boyfriend HATED the podcast host.

“She was like, ‘I had to tell you, I was with my boyfriend the other night. And his friend said to me, God, I hate Call Her Daddy.’ And she said, why? And he goes, ‘Because Alex Cooper has made every girl so confident.’” Smiling, Cooper says, “Oh buddy. Oh, I’m so sorry.”

She attributes the show’s massive success and the $60 million deal with Spotify to knowing what the audience wants.

“In negotiations, I own the audience they all want,” Cooper said.

It also helps that sex sells… like A LOT. “In the beginning stages, how salacious I was, even if it was pissing people off, people were clicking on that,” Cooper said.

Cooper’s contract with Barstool Sports ended in May and she met with a number of other podcast distributors before landing at Spotify.

In fact, she actually got a bigger offer from another unknown distributor, but felt Spotify was second to none.

“I felt [Spotify’s] initiative to maximize user experience is second to none,” she says. “At that point, money was money. I was like, these are both insane offers.”

Multi-Millionaire Vibes

Alex Cooper with Henry the Dog laying on her bed
Amanda Hakan for WSJ. Magazine

Must be so nice to have multi-million-dollar deal options…

In addition to “Call Her Daddy,” Cooper recently added a second podcast to her list of job duties, and according to WSJ it is still in early development and will likely focus on crime.

“I’m a competitive psycho. I’ve recognized that in the [podcasting] space right now, crime is huge. Everyone wants crime,” she noted.

Cooper’s ultimate goal is to be the BIGGEST podcast in the world.

According to WSJ, last year, “Call Her Daddy” was Spotify’s fifth-most-popular podcast globally and number two in all female podcast categories globally.

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