Britney Spears’ Testimony Inspires Legislation for Conservatorship Reform

Britney Spears is an American singer, songwriter, and dancer, who rose to the spotlight in in the early 90s for her part in reviving teen pop in the American entertainment industry. While everyone knows the King of Pop, spears is often referred to as the ‘Princess of Pop.’

The 39-year-old had an incredible acting and music career, that seemed to do well and earn her a seat at the high table for superstars. Sadly, the road to her fame became crooked when she started encountering personal struggles along the way.

In the past few months, the singer has been a trending topic on social media, as she is fighting to be rid of her conservatorship status. Luckily, there might be a silver lining for her and fans around the globe.

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The Testimony

During an open hearing session in June 2021, Spears addressed a Los Angeles court in a 24-minutes long statement about how her family has resulted to an abusive conservatorship, and why she wants it to end. This court hearing came after her fans began an online and physical movement tagged #FreeBritney.

In her words, the superstar alleged that she has been repeatedly abused and controlled through her conservatorship by her father for 11 years. And that now, the process has continued after he handed over to Jodi Montgomery in 2019, due to his ill health.

“The Hollywood Reporter” noted that Spears asked the court to make the hearing public, as they have in fact pioneered her her freedom.

Spears Wants Out Immediately

During the hearing, which was carried out by phone, Spears noted that she wanted out of the conservatorship process because she is competent enough to handle and make decisions on her own, without anyone’s guidance.

She went on to explain how being confined to the process made her feel trapped and unhappy, even though she always claimed to the public that she was happy and content.

“But now I’m telling you the truth, Ok? I’m not happy. I can’t sleep, I’m so angry– it’s insane, and I’m depressed. I cry everyday,” she said to the superior court.

Spears Reveals She Can’t Live A Full Life

In the singer’s testimony, she made sure to shine the light on the real reason she had to undergo rehabilitation in 2019. She began by explaining that in 2018, she was forced to go for a tour, and her managers would later accuse her not participating in rehearsals.

Additionally, she said that the reports got to her therapist, who then removed her from her normal routine drugs, and started giving her a drug called Lithium, which she reportedly said made her “feel drunk.”

In her closing remarks, the “Toxic” singer noted to the court that with her conservatorship status still hanging over her head, she would never be able to lead a fully life. This is because, according to her, it is abusive. For this reason, she pleaded with the court to grant her an end to the process without evaluation.

Spear’s Testimony Inspires Two Congress Members

The #FreeBritney campaign has gained the attention of millions of Americans and foreigners in the last few months, and now, it seems like the US government is starting to get amenable.

“The New York Times” reported that Christ Crist and Nancy Mace, a Democrat and Republican, recently passed a bill to can enable Spears and other conservatees in America request a change of conservator from a judge-appointed person to a family member or private personnel.

However, these conservatees must have proof of abuse in court, to be granted the change. While this does not entirely cater for Spears needs at this point, it has given a lot of people the right to be rid of abusive conservators.


Spears’ fans believe that the legislation should be amenable to the point that it uses conservatorship as a last resort or find other ways to make people accountable for the actions, without restricting them to subjects of control. The singers fans have come this far, and no doubt, they will not back down until she is given full control of her assets and the benefit of doubt.

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