Britney Spears’ Father Claims She Has NEVER Asked To Be Let Out Of Conservatorship

According to the filing, Jamie Spears is questioning Britney’s mental capacity and ability to make such a massive decision.

“In fact, one of the issues, in this case, is going to be whether Ms. Spears has the sufficient capacity to form an intelligent preference in order to make an effective nomination of a conservator,” it reads.

As you know, Britney has filed documents asking the court to make an investment bank the conservator of her estate and asking her dad no longer be allowed to be the sole conservator.

“The conservatorship of the person and the estate are inextricably entwined as they are both conducted in the best interests of the conservatee, and involve issues that necessarily pertain to the conservatees medical condition, her competence to manage her personal financial affairs, and her susceptibility to undue influence,” Jamie’s filing states.

In other words, this issue over who will manage Britney’s finances is so connected to her personal conservatorship, all of it should be protected from the public so that sensitive information (like medical records) will remain sealed.

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