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We’ve said it before and we’ll say it once more but Twitter would be a ghost town if it weren’t for the brilliance of the segment known as Black Twitter. On Thursday (Feb. 18), folks on the social media network got the term “We Black” trending and the results are hilarious as expected.

From what we can gather, the trending topic seemingly started after a TikTok video of a man, presumably in the Deep South, having a conversation with his dog while standing in a measurable amount of snow. The dog, clearly chilly, looks at its owner forlornly while the man clowns the pooch for wanting to be a husky. This comes after another TikTok video of a husky seemingly saying “no” to its owner for not wanting to come in from the cold.

At one point, the man, also not comfortable with the cold, yells out to the dog saying “WE BLACK” to illustrate neither of them is built for this kind of weather. The dog swiftly heads back into the warm house behind him as the owner continues to playfully berate his buddy.

If this was the launching point for the “We Black” trend, it has since grown new legs with some on Twitter highlighting all of the myriad things Black folks do such as knowing the right amount of salt to throw into a dish, to others recognizing the beauty and depth of Black women, and there’s also enough visual representation of the flavor Black people to various forms of media such as television and music among other spaces.

Check out the best “We Black” replies below.

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