Bill Nye Is Educating His TikTok Audience On The Importance Of Mask Wearing

Bill Nye is using his TikTok to educate his audience on the importance of masks during the coronavirus pandemic.
Famous scientist Bill Nye is using TikTok to explain the importance of using masks during the coronavirus pandemic.The Washington Post / Getty Images”Viruses don’t travel by themselves, they travel through little droplets of spit and snot,” Nye said in the video, while rocking his iconic bow tie look. “Fibers are entangled, so when the droplet gets into the fibers of a mask, it gets trapped. This is not that hard to understand, everybody. That’s why we have rules about wearing a mask.””I hope you can see the fewer the masks the more the sick,” Nye continued.The Bill Nye the Science Guy host has also used his TikTok to tackle other important issues such as race. Earlier this year, he explained how all races are the same during a segment about racism. “Now here’s the same map of the same continents with just one color, and it turns out that everybody on Earth is descended from people that lived here in Africa,” Nye explains in the video. “Our skin is where we make vitamin D; if you don’t get enough ultraviolet, then you don’t get enough vitamin D,” Nye continued. “But if you get too much ultraviolet, then you break down your folates. You have to have it in perfect balance. And because the ultraviolet varies, the color of our skin varies. That’s why we have different color skin.”Check out Nye’s TikTok here.[Via]

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