Bella Thorne Poses In Romper On French Riviera; Which View Is Better?

Bella Thorne likes giving her fans tough choices!

The “Masquerade” star shared some beautiful snaps to her feed on Friday, July 30. Thorne posed in a sultry spaghetti strap romper on her beautiful hotel balcony in Cannes on the French Riviera. It was hard to focus on the breathtaking scenery with the incredibly photogenic actress filling up the shot. Still, she coyly put her millions of followers to the test.

“which view do you prefer – me or the french riviera?” Bella wrote alongside the sultry shots.


A few of Bella’s famous friends sounded off in the comments section. “Gorg,” Tinashe wrote, while Paris Hilton and Chloe Bailey left heart-eyes 😍 emojis.

Fiancé Ben Plays Bedroom Photographer

Bella Thorne in bed.

Thorne’s Italian fiancé, Benjamin Mascolo, couldn’t help but snap some lovely pics of the actress in bed while the light from the rising sun lit up their hotel room in Cannes. Ben recently finished a series of shows (he’s a pop star) in Rome and Milan. It seems like the two lovebirds decided to take a short vacation to the French Riviera. Mascolo penned a sappy yet sweet caption to go with his fabulous photos. “Woke up to your breathtaking beauty this morning,” he wrote on social media. “What a work of art you are, I had to pick up my camera and create these memories. You’re my favourite actress and this is our own life movie. Thank you for inspiring me everyday, I love you.”

Bella quickly replied, “I love you so much 👏👏👏 why r y so talented.”

Sleeping Easier

The actress shared her true gratitude to the FBI after they helped catch a UK hacker living in Spain. The hacker was arrested by Spanish National Police in Estepona, Spain, and is facing multiple charges stemming from a Twitter hack in July 2020. Bella’s personal information and photos were allegedly included in the hack.

“I want to thank the FBI for searching tirelessly for the person who made my life and others a living hell. I have felt violated many times in my life, but I thought I didn’t have a way out, so I made a choice. My choice. A choice I didn’t want to make but felt I had to because I wouldn’t spend another day feeling someone was taking away from me my body, my soul, my mental health, and my love and hope for the world. So thank you, FBI, for a step in the right direction and just one less bad guy to worry about. Today I woke up with hope again, and a weight lifted off my shoulders. But with that said, I still need to get something across that I have wanted to say for a long time. For all the people who think because a woman is comfortable with their body and how they portray themselves that they are “asking for it, “for the people who think “she deserves it” because she was there or had a beer in her hand or wore a short skirt, and for the people that think because she took the photo she deserves to be humiliated with it – and she deserves for everyone to look at it and inscribe every piece and bit of her in their mind. Or because she took the photo, she deserves that one moment to follow her, taunt her for the rest of her life through every waking moment. To those who made those remarks, they were disgusting. I hope you feel disgusting. To those few people.
Sincerely f— you,” she concluded.

Well said, Bella!

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