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Demi Rose Exposes Bare Bottom In Rare & Super-Peachy Instagram Video

Demi Rose has shared a super-intimate video. The British model and social media sensation is mostly known for the permanent Instagram posts that have earned her 10 million followers, though Demi sometimes takes to the platform’s stories to keep her fans updated on her life. Demi appears to have done just that today, and she definitely seemed confident in the amount of skin she was prepared to show. Given that the story will disappear from the digital space within the next 24 hours, it’s also safe to say that today’s content feels rare.

Demi’s Instagram story today offered fans a little insight into her routines, as the model was in a clinic and receiving some anti-cellulite treatment on her rear. Fans saw a beautifully made-up Demi speaking into the camera as she lay on her front while a male clinician was applying some treatment to the model’s bare behind. Demi announced that the process was an attempt to fight cellulite, although fans may well find themselves wondering whether the treatment was a waste of money — all those thong snaps of this 24-year-old’s famous posterior have shown that Demi doesn’t seem to have any cellulite.

Nonetheless, it looks like this Brit has just received a little help on the physique front. Demi appeared clothed up-top during her video, but viewers’ eyes were likely making a beeline for the part of the model’s body receiving the care.

It’s been a major week for Demi. Just yesterday, the model celebrated the 10 million follower milestone on Instagram, per A stunning black-and-white lingerie photo appeared on the model’s Instagram feed, with a gushing caption appearing to thank every single one of her followers.

“I can’t believe I have reached 10 million supporters! I love you guys. Whether you know my story or you don’t, I appreciate all your love and your kind words. You lift me up and I want to lift you up just as much. Slowly but surely I’m getting stronger and becoming the person I’m meant to be. Time is a healer and I’m being patient with myself. I’d love to help and inspire you all more. All you can do is do your best, at your own pace. Wishing you all lots of blessings and thank you.”

Something about Demi just seems to have that unique appeal. While a fit and curvaceous frame on Instagram is hardly a rarity, charm on Demi’s level is. Her followers would likely agree that she deserves her 10 million-strong fanbase – building one up these days is quite the achievement.

  • Editor: Benj N