Ariana Grande’s BFF Elizabeth Gillies Reveals Wedding Drama

Ariana Grande is still a newly-married woman and soaking up all that her new marriage has to offer.

Ari and Dalton Gomez secretly tied the knot on May 15 with her announcing it on her Instagram on May 26.

The “Thank You Next” singer shared intimate photos of her big day which was held at her home in Montecito, California.

Ari and Dalton’s nuptials were intimate with a small gathering of family and close friends. It’s reported there were less than 20 people in attendance.

However, there was one very close friend that was not in attendance on Ariana’s massive day.

Elizabeth ‘Liz’ Gillies who starred in Ariana’s “Thank You Next” music video as “Cady Heron” and also co-starred alongside Ari in “Victorious,” was unable to make the wedding.

But don’t worry, it’s not because the two had any sort of falling out.

Given the world is slowly starting to reopen amid the ongoing pandemic, precautionary safety measures are in place for anyone working outside of their home.

Given Liz is a working actress, she has to abide by these precautionary safety measures.

During a recent appearance on “Watch What Happens Live” with Andy Cohen, Liz dished on the exact reason she missed Ari’s wedding day.

A fan who video chatted into the show asked the “Dynasty” actress if she was in attendance.

“I could not get off of work to go to her wedding, because we would have to be cleared for like seven days to fly. So, not only could I not tell anybody, but I also couldn’t even ask for the day off or get the day off,” she explained.

She added, “I would’ve been there,” and noted she was sorry she couldn’t be there.

No hard feelings though.

Liz is actually getting ready to celebrate her one-year wedding anniversary.

She got married to on August 8, 2020 in an intimate outdoor ceremony to music composer Michael Corcoran, with 10 guests in attendance.

In an interview with Vogue last year, Gillies said that she and Corcoran initially planned to get married on April 25 but postponed the original nuptials due to the pandemic.

“Once we saw how dire the situation was, we knew we had to postpone,” she said. “It was a no-brainer for us. Aside from the obvious travel and crowd restrictions, it didn’t feel right to be celebrating in such a big way when there was so much going on in the world. It would have been in poor taste to burden people by asking them to risk their lives to come to our wedding. There were more important things to focus on. Our wedding could wait.

Liz said of her wedding day, “We got tested before we left and quarantined with my family for two weeks before the wedding. With everything going on, it felt so nice to be in my childhood home with nothing to do but relax leading up to the big day. We cooked and took the dogs for long walks and really just enjoyed each other’s company.”

“It felt good to slow down. Overall, we were very fortunate to be able to safely spend this time with family. It was incredibly special,” she told Vogue.

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