Angela Simmons Shows Off Super Short Golf Mini-Skirt And Horrible Swing For ‘New Hobby’

“I have a new hobby 😍 #ILoveIt 😁 #Lessons,” Simmons captioned her swing attempt.

Her video showed that she is focusing too much on club take-away and not enough on limiting her head movement but she was able to capture a semi-good shot. “That did something!” her friend exclaimed after she finished her follow-through.

She may or may not of broke 100 (par is generally 72) but she did receive a lot of positive feedback on social media… isn’t that what golf is really about?

“U look cute,” one complimentary follower commented while another said, “Looks like my cart buddy need a new buddy. Hop in ⛳️.”

“Good job my Queen!! Keep pounding you got this💪🏾💜💐,” a third fan wrote.

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