Amy Winehouse’s Family Celebrates Her Legacy In New Documentary

Amy Winehouse was a talented and energetic English singer and songwriter, who was deeply loved for her unique vocals, and her tendency to always bring out the best in every song that she records. She was also known for mixing different genres of music together, in a bid to create a never-heard-before sound that always made her fans beam with joy.

While she was in her early 20s, Winehouse gained numerous popularity for her stunning voice, and it did not take time for her fanbase to grow into a loving family.

Like many artists in the industry, the singer had her personal struggles that she battled with, but fans still loved and appreciated her as a talented musician. And they will always remember her. Keep scrolling below for more details.

A Legacy

July 23, 2021 marks a decade that Winehouse sadly left the shores of the this world, and a new documentary was released in her honor. Her family and friends came together, to speak about her life, career and experiences.

The documentary also highlighted in detail, different perspectives of the singer’s personal struggles and rise to fame at a very young age. According to “Entertainment Inquirer,” the documentary titled “Reclaiming Amy,” was narrated by her mother, Janis Winehouse-Collins.

Other parts of the documentary showed interviews with Winehouse’s close friends who knew bits about the singer’s life, and how some events fueled her everyday decisions.

The Narrator

Since loosing her child, Janis has never remained the same, and seldom spoke about the superstar’s life and legacy. However, things changed when BBC Britain reached out to her to grant an interview with friends and family, who would like to speak about Winehouse’s legacy.

A snippet from the documentary, showed Janis speaking at length about her late daughter’s addiction problem, and why she thinks it lasted too long.

“…She was prone to addiction, she could not stop herself. It’s a very cruel beast,” Janis said.

The film’s aim was not to put the singer’s shortcomings in front of the world, but to help fans worldwide understand how her life was shaped from the moment she became one of the top musicians in the country. The documentary will reportedly air on Friday, 23, 2021, which is the death anniversary of the “Love Is A Loosing Game” singer.

Amy Winehouse Early Life And Career

Amy Jade Winehouse was born to Jewish parents in Enfield, London, England on September 14, 1983. Her father was a window panel installer, while her mother, was a pharmacist.

As a child, Winehouse attended a Jewish Sunday School, however, as she grew older, she criticized the school for not giving her in-depth knowledge of what it meant to be a Jewish practitioner. She went on to say that she only attended a synagogue event once every year.


At age 14, she learned how to play the guitar, and started writing down songs. She later got a job as an Entertainment Journalist with World Entertainment News Network to earn some money and further her music career.

After her best friend showed one of her recordings to an A&R person, she was asked to sign under Simon Fuller’s management record. This kicked off the superstar’s rise to fame immediately.

Amy Winehouse’s Struggles With Addiction

Although Winehouse was largely known for her incredible singing talent, after a while, her struggles with addiction started sharing the spotlight with her, and before long, she incurred the wrong kind of media attention.

In 2005, she started drinking and taking drugs profusely, which eventually led to a signifiant weight loss. The following year, there were speculations, especially from family members that the death of Winehouse’s grandmother sent her over the edge.

Winehouse was addicted to several substances including; ketamine, cocaine, ecstasy, heroin and alcohol. Some rumors also indicated that she also used crack and valium to get high sometimes. Winehouse’s addiction did not get better, although her physician claimed that she quit abusing substances in 2008.

Sadly, she died of alcohol poisoning in her residence on July 23,2011.

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