Ali Larter Accused Of Being Awful On Set By 'Heroes' Co-Star Leonard Roberts

He claims the actress gathered the producers and, “proceeded to have an intense and loud conversation in which she expressed she had never been so disrespected as an actress, a woman or a human being.” He says she didn’t include him in any of the conversations.
Leonard said he asked his white co-star Adrian Pasdar, who had filmed a sexual scene with the actress if he had a similar experience. He said Adrian told him he had quite the opposite experience with her.
“He replied to the contrary and mentioned her openness to collaboration and even improvisation. I pondered why my co-star had exuberantly played a different scene with the Petrelli character involving overt sexuality while wearing lingerie, but found aspects of one involving love and intimacy expressed through dialogue with my character, her husband, disrespectful to her core,” he wrote.”
He said he, ” couldnt help wondering whether race was a factor..”

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