6 Times Youll Cringe Thinking About Your Ex While Watching ‘The Kissing Booth 2’

When I first heard Jacob Elordi was coming back for the Kissing Booth sequel, I was skeptical. He and Joey King had broken up at that point. She was essential to the sequel, but the writers could have chosen to leave him out of it if they wanted. And just because he would be in the movie doesn’t mean he would be in the movie, you know? I fully expected to get a maximum of two Jacob scenes and have that be it. Now that I’ve watched The Kissing Booth 2, I can confidently say he’s in the whole damn thing, and I’m shocked and amazed by how these exes were able to pull this off.

It’s not that Joey and Jacob are cringey together. They actually do a remarkable job making these scenes look normal. Even more so, it’s evident that they still have great chemistry. It’s more that watching them on screen, and knowing they’re exes, makes you think about doing the same thing with your ex. Like, your face will get red just watching them interact because the idea of doing the same seems like your absolute worst nightmare. Here are all the times I started sweating during The Kissing Booth 2. [There are spoilers ahead! If you haven’t watched the movie yet and don’t want it to be spoiled, hop out of this post!]

In the opening montage

At the very beginning of the movie, there’s a sequence of the summer Elle and Noah spent together. There’s a moment where they’re literally making out on the beach, and, IDK, maybe it’ll remind you of that time you and your ex spent a weekend at the beach and you’ll want to scream into the abyss.

When they’re first reunited at the airport

Elle goes to visit Noah in Boston, and upon seeing him in the airport, there is a running jump kiss situation, which feels like it would be absolutely mortifying in the moment!!


When they’re making out in Noah’s dorm

During that Harvard visit, things get a little steamy in Noah’s room one night. Imagine having to 1) be professional 2) in front of a whole crew of people 3) while making out with your ex for a camera 4) while also taking off each other’s clothes. Devastating. I think I’d rather bury myself alive.

The fight at the Thanksgiving dinner table

I mean, I know acting is acting, but if I was given the opportunity to yell at my IRL ex under the guise of a movie, I’d be going totally off script, letting my ex have it. Screenplay be damned!! I have some shit to say!!

The make-up scene

Elle literally looks at Noah and goes, “It’s you, Noah. It’s always been you.” I visibly retch at the idea of having to say that to my ex, even in a fictional capacity where we’re both pretending to be other people. The restraint these two have, it’s unreal.

That final driving scene

Literally, how did they do this? I would have rioted in the streets.

joey king and jacob elordi in the kissing booth 2


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