20 (Yes, 20) Different Ways to Pose for Your Mirror Selfie

What do you do when you’ve put together a truly iconic outfit but you have no one around to 1) appreciate it and, most importantly, 2) take a picture of it? You go for a mirror selfie (a melfie? I’ll work on it). But if you feel like every time you try to take a mirror selfie, it ends up looking like a Myspace pic circa 2003, let us help you out with some ideas. From poses to key props, we’ve gathered 20 helpful mirror selfie tips and examples below, so grab your floor-length or makeup mirror, and get to shooting your thirst traps.

The next time you’re standing awkwardly in front of your reflection, feeling clueless about what to do, you’ll thank us for this. And if it doesn’t work out, you can always set a self-timer or phone a friend for backup—anything but a selfie stick.


The Selfie Squat

Mirror not tall enough to fit your whole look? No prob! Squat down low to get everything from head to toe in the frame. Rest your free arm on your knees or use it to prop your head, like this.


The Nonchalant Selfie

No one has to know that you have 100+ outtakes in your camera roll, and with a pose this effortless and causal, they wouldn’t suspect a thing.


The Self(ie)-Care Pose

Combine your self-care selfie and your mirror selfie into one, and you’ve got yourself a post worthy of all the likes. Who doesn’t love a face mask and a relaxing bath?!


The Phone-Case-Cover-Your-Face Pose

Not every selfie has to feature your face! If you want to keep the focus on your look and not your looks, position your phone front and center.


The Outdoor Mirror Selfie

You can go ahead and thank TikTok for this gem of photo idea with perfect lighting and scenery. Place your mirror on the ground and tilted upward toward the sky, then stand over it and let the photoshoot commence.


The Flash Photo Selfie

When you’re not feeling your mirror selfie, flip on that flash button to give your photo a whole different look and feel. It’s a great way to distract from any bad lighting, too.


The Filtered Selfie

You don’t have to take your mirror outside to let some natural light into your mirror selfie. Set up near a window, crack open the blinds or shutters, and let the light filter in.


The Moving Mirror Selfie

Who says a selfie has to be a still photo?! If you switch to video instead, you don’t even have to stress over one single pose. Make ’em all!


The Seated Selfie

A selfie can be just as much about your home decor as it is about your outfit, amirite? In those instances, take a seat on your favorite piece of furniture and shoot the selfie from that angle.


The Bathroom Mirror Selfie

Sometimes the bathroom lighting is far superior to all other lighting. In times like those, capture it with a selfie. Bonus points if it’s also a cute bathroom like this.


The Shoefie Mirror Selfie

When your look is all about your shoes, put your best foot forward in a crouched-down pose like this.


The Rear-View Mirror Selfie

Ah, yes. The ultimate road trip selfie! Whether you’re driving down the highway or stopped on the side of the road, car mirrors always make for great photo ops.


The Frame Within a Frame

Take a step back and include the frame of the mirror inside the photo for an artsy version of the mirror selfie. For even more of that photoshoot feel, place your decorative mirror on a backdrop and add a few props to your “set.”


The Silly Selfie

If you can’t take a mirror selfie seriously, then don’t. Loosen up. Stick your tongue out. Do a fun pose. Do whatever you want!


The Staircase Selfie

Most outfit mirror selfies are vertical, but if you lounge on the ground like this and prop yourself up on a ledge or step, you can turn that into a horizontal crop, no prob.


The Elevator Reflection Selfie

Put a finger down if you’ve ridden an elevator until everyone else hops off so you can have a minute alone to get a good outfit photo in the reflection. If you didn’t put a finger down, you’ve gotta try it sometime.


The Classic Camera Selfie

In case you forgot, cameras actually exist outside of smartphones too. If you want to step your photography game up, use a real camera instead.


The Propped on a Stool Pose

The best mirror selfie tip: grab a stool. Sit on it, lean against it, prop your foot on it—the options are endless.


The Jewelry Box Selfie

When you want to subtly show off your growing collection of earrings and necklaces, use your vanity mirror or the little mirror inside your jewelry box for your photo.


The From-the-Floor Selfie

If it’s all about the accessories, put them in the foreground of the picture and position yourself in the background on the floor next to them.

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