13 Highly Gorgeous Pride Makeup Looks to DIY Right Now


No matter what your Pride festivities look this year, you can (and should!) still wear all your favorite Pride nail designs, Pride outfits, and—the reason you’re here right now—your favorite Pride makeup ideas to continue to support, celebrate, and show your love for the LGBTQ+ community. Whether you want to wear every single color in your eyeshadow palette all at once for a full-on rainbow look, or if you want to use just a few colors to represent a specific Pride flag, we’ve gathered lots of vibrant makeup ideas to inspire you so you can create your own interpretation of Pride makeup. And don’t worry—we also included a few helpful tips so you can easily try these out for yourself. Ahead, 13 ways to show your pride with the help of a little shadow (and a lot of sparkles).

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Pretty Pastel Multicolored Makeup

Pro tip: To make the faint eyeshadow colors really stand out, apply a creamy white eyeliner over your entire eyelid to serve as your eyeshadow base. Then, grab a palette full of pastels and use a fluffy makeup brush to diffuse one shimmery rainbow shade into the next for some gorgeous pride makeup with a retro vibe.


Rainbow Under-Eye Makeup

Um, excuse me—who says eye makeup has to go on your upper eyelid?! Get creative for Pride this year and use your colored eyeliner in every shade of the rainbow to draw tiny designs or little shapes, like the triangles shown here, along your bottom lashes.


Graphic Statement Eyeliner

Between the cat eye and the purple graphic liner, this makeup look is both classic and cool and perfect for Pride. All you need is liquid eyeliner and eyeshadow in whatever shades you want to use and this tutorial to show you how to do it. Spoiler: Lightly trace the graphic shapes first with eyeshadow to get them just right before layering a less-forgiving liner on top.


Layers of Rainbow Liner

Subtlety not really your thing? Then grab every single colorful eyeliner you own and trace one line over the next while leaving the center of the eyelid bare to create this rainbow cut-crease. Make sure to keep the party going with liner along your bottom lashes, too.


Glitter Gradient for Pride

Don’t know what I love more about this Pride makeup look: the bold bottom lashes or the glitter eyeshadow. Good thing you don’t have to choose between the two! The bolder, the better. To get luscious lashes like these, cut a small section from a full strip of false lashes and place it along the outside corner of your bottom eyelid.


Dramatic Winged Eye

You have winged eyes, and then you have ~winged eyes~, and this amazing elongated look falls into the latter. Start with your base color (in this case, purple) to create the shape you like, then use white and black eyeliner strokes to define and highlight the shape.


Glitter Graphic Eye for Pride

You might not hear the words “glitter” and “simple” used together in a sentence too often, but this is simple glitter done right, and it’s perfect for Pride. With a fine-tip eyeliner brush dipped in sparkly liquid shadows, draw the graphic shape you want across your eyelid. This makeup artist’s trick to getting lines this sharp if you don’t have a steady hand? Use a small brush dipped in micellar water to clean up the edges.


Sparkles and Lashes

What did I say about falsies on the bottom?! Quick refresher: When in doubt, load up on lashes for your Pride makeup look. Use a few individuals on the top and bottom of the outside corners of your eyes and shimmery eyeshadow in an elongated shape to really accentuate your eye shape.


Kaleidoscopic Colors

It’s easy to get lost in your eye makeup when it’s as good as this multicolored moment, but don’t forget your lips. Carry your colors of choice from your eyes to your lips to complete your Pride makeup look. Balance out a shimmery eye with a matte lipstick or play it up with a hi-shine lip gloss—ya really can’t go wrong either way.


Colorful Smoky Eye

Hey, bright colors can still feel soft, too! Instead of packing on the pigment, use an eyeshadow brush to smudge out vibrant pastel and iridescent liquid eyeshadows and liners in colorful shades of your choosing for a slightly more subdued statement eye.


Rhinestone Embellishments


Super-Sparkly Shadow for Pride


Colorful Creamy Eyeshadow

If you love a glossy, shiny eye (me too), grab a handful of shimmery cream eyeshadows and get to blending—but no need for any brushes here. Use your finger to pat the product in place and blend the edges of each shade into the next.

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