10 Manicure Ideas That Are Actually Perfect For a Taurus

It’s *almost* that time of year again. Nope, I’m not talking about the start of spring—I’m talking about the start of Taurus season (I follow the calendar year exclusively by astro signs, TYVM). And as a manicure-obsessed beauty editor, my favorite way to celebrate each sign’s season is with a fresh new nail look that’s perfectly tailored to their vibe. For Taurus, that means a mix of patterns and colors that are bougie without being extra, relaxed without being boring, cute without being cheesy—you get the idea. Ahead, the 10 best Taurus nail designs to try if you’re born between April 19 and May 20.


This Romantic Taurus Nail Design


These Blue Gradient Taurus Nails

You don’t have to limit yourself to a single nail color just because you have that low-key Taurus personality. These blue gradient nails are both chill and unique at the same time.

Recreate it with: Nash and Pino Blue Hues


Taurus Nail Design: Metallic Green Tips


These Negative Space Taurus Nails


These Pastel Ombre Taurus Nails

This Taurus-inspired mani reminds me of tie-dye t-shirts, but, like, way cooler. It’s a great way to incorporate two colors into your nail look without looking *too* extra.

Recreate it with: Pear Nova Tokyo Afterglow


These Designer Taurus Nails

Taurus loves all things luxury, and nothing screams luxury like a set of designer nails amiright?? Choose your brand and get yourself to the salon ASAP.

Recreate it with: OPI Red Nail Lacquer Nail Polish


Sparkly Half Moon Taurus Nails

There’s no better way to show off a glimpse of your moody side than with these gorgeous half-moon nails. They have juuuust the right amount of ~edge~ to remind people who they’re dealing with.

Recreate it with: Amazon Nail Glitter


These Green Taurus Nails


Taurus Nail Idea: Gold French Tips

A great mani has the power to elevate any basic old outfit—and these gold tips do exactly that. Whatever you’re wearing will look instantly more luxe and in-line with your Taurus persona.

Recreate it with: Sephora Color Hit Mini Nail Polish


These Symmetrical Taurus Nails

This symmetrical nail pattern is super satisfying to look at and 100 percent fits the calming Taurus mood. Pro tip: Make sure your base color is completely dry before adding on the lines.

Recreate it with: Pear Nova My Candy Rain Turquoise Creme

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