Top 10 corrupted places: 1 – North Korea

  • Corruption score: 8
  • Power structure: Dictatorship

The CIA lists North Korea’s government as a “communist state one-man dictatorship,” with an estimated GDP of $28 billion as of 2009.

The inner workings of the North Korean government and economy are quite mysterious. While it does receive aid from countries like China, North Korea has had problems producing enough fuel and food to properly care for its citizens. Military spending far outweighs spending on social programs and aid, mostly to put on appearances for the rest of the world in their famous outbursts of saber-rattling.

The country’s major issues can be traced back to a number of natural disasters and the collapse of the Soviet Union, as the land, people and equipment have all been “worn out” over the years, according to a CNN report. With little hope for change in the near future, North Korea is destined to remain one of the planet’s most corrupt and destitute nations.

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